All Quiet on the Western Front

By Erich Maria Remarque

"The Classic War Novel of All Time"


Stanislaus Katczinsky

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a) Nickname: Kat, Papa

b) Activities: JROTC(Senior Leader)(1892-1894), Raider Team(1894), Enjoys inventing stuff

c) Quote: "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.” -George S. Patton

d) Hobbies: Inventing, finding suppies for his younger soldiers, being a father figure to the younger ones

e) Favorite Book: Samuel Todd's Book of Great Inventions by Samuel Todd

f) Voted "Most Likely to become an inventor and become rich"

g) Future Plans: After war he plans on returning home to his family. He also plans on inventing items to make his life easier.

Paul Bäumer

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a) Nickname: Paulie

b) Activities: Before Paul went off to war, he was big on poetry. He was an innocent young man who has passion for life and sensitivity. These emotions are displayed through his poetry. Paul wrote poetry through all of his life, up until he is sent off to fight for Germany.

external image battle60.jpg c) Quote: The following quotation accurately describes Paul--
i) " Our faces are encrusted, our thoughts are devatstated, we are weary to death; when the attack comes we shall have to strike many of the men with our fists to waken them and make them come with us-- our eyes are burnt, our hands are torn, our knees bleed, our elbows are raw."

ii) "We see time pass in the colourless faces of the dying, we cram food into us, we run, we throw, we shoot, wel kill, we lie about, we are feeble and spent, and nothing supports us but the knowledge that there are still feebler, still more spent, still more helpless ones there who, with staring eyes, look upon us as gods that escape death many times."

d) Hobbies: chewing tobacco, thinking about his family, writing poetry, taking care of fellow soldiers and friends.

e) Favorite Book: that has had the greatest impact on Paul-- ==War Before Civilization==
By Lawrence H. Keeley

f) Voted "Most Likely to Assist a Fallen Comrade" by his class.

g) Future Plans: Paul's plans for the future are to spend time with his family and try attempt to make up for the lost time of his childhood during the war. Paul is going to try to find a decent paying job in Germany and start his life anew after the war.

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Albert Kropp
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a.)Nickname: "Clear thinker"

b.) Activities: Statistics club, Honor Society, FCCLA, Math Club, and JROTC

c.) Quote: "Everyone Falls, its how fast you get back up that determines your will"

d.) Favorite Music/Hobbies: His hobbies consisted of studying, and reviewing problems. Confronting himself with new challenges and problems everyday. He has no time for music. chewing tobacco, and smoking his pipe. Analyzing the cause of the War.

e.) Favorite Book: Analysis of Everyday Life by Peter Griffen

f.) Voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by his classmates.

g.) Future Plans: he plans to get out of the war, and come home. he then plans to make tons of money at a new job he gets. something in the business field.

Corporal Himmelstoss
Sergeant_Hartman.jpg a.) Nickname:Skrimpmeat

b.) Activities:
NAABW (National Association Against Bed Wetters)
JROTC for two years, dropped out when he was involved in the physical aspects
Cricket player for 3 years on varsity
Sorting mail is his favorite past time

c.) Quote:"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog."

d.) Favorite Music/Hobbies: Classical compositions by Charles Ives

e.) Book with the greatest impact on him: Mein Kampfh by Adolph Hitler

f.) Voted: "Most Likely to Have Little Man Syndrome"

g.) Plans for the Future:
Become like his role model,Napoleon
Marry a wife, create kids to be like him
Have a stamp created in his honor
Own a monopoly in mailbox companies